Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Businesses can now list ALL Business URLs on one page!

Faceuser.com has launched its NEW "Business Vanity Code" service which enables consumers to instantly find a business's online pages. There's also a FREE 3 month trial. Businesses market their services, products, events etc.. and make announcements using their Facebook Business page, Twitter page, YouTube videos and other URLs they may have. The "Business Vanity Code" provides an easy way for consumers to see ALL URLs that a particular business may have, listed on one page, and each URL listed is a "hyperlink". Businesses can publicize their custom code on flyers, postcards, business cards, in newspaper, magazine, TV and radio ads, newsletters etc.. Many businesses were distraught because they lost out on getting their Facebook Vanity URL, to another business with the same name. And as you know, there are thousands of businesses across the country that have the same name, but there was no competition because they are in different geographic locations. But now that many of these businesses are online, they are competing for the same consumers nationally, and need a simple and effective way to get customers directly to their Facebook Business pages and other URLs they have. The "Business Vanity Code" is more efficient than a single, "Vanity URL" that links to only one web page, and there's no limit on how many URLs a business can list on their "Business URLs" page. The Faceuser logo can also be downloaded for placing on any web page, and gives consumers direct access to ALL URLs instantly! There's also an affiliate program for those who promote the new service to businesses. The sample banner below is one of several graphic and text banners to choose from.
Get YOUR custom "Business Vanity Code" while it's still available!
For details visit: http://businessvanitycode.com/

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